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Fairfax County Holds Statewide VFOIA Training Day, Releases Report

Fairfax County partnered with the Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council (VFOIA Council) to provide VFOIA Training Day in August. The event drew over 300 attendees, from 68 Virginia towns, cities and counties, including compliance experts, elected officials, county administrators, attorneys and public safety professionals.

“Holding the event virtually expanded access to the training for local and state government employees throughout the commonwealth,” said Fairfax County’s Countywide FOIA Officer Amanda Kastl. “The more Fairfax County and other localities know about VFOIA, the better we can find the balance between privacy and transparency together.”

If you missed the virtual event, a recording of VFOIA Training Day is now available online. Topics covered included disclosure of law enforcement records and social media information and what information can be discussed in closed session during public meetings. VFOIA Advisory Council Executive Director Alan Gernhardt noted that under social distancing requirements, some localities are conducting public meetings in parking lots and high school gyms.

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