Fairfax County's Virtual Assistant

Meet Our Virtual Assistant

The Fairfax County Virtual Assistant is an artificial intelligence-powered service that can directly respond to your requests at any time.

The Virtual Assistant responds to your typed requests and presents information on our most frequently accessed topics, guiding you through options and responding to you in a conversation format.

Our virtual assistant is new and still learning!

Check it out and provide us your feedback. Your feedback will help us provide the best experience as we continue to grow and add topics to our virtual assistant. Topics are currently limited to the ones listed below. 

Virtual Assistant screenshotUsing the Virtual Assistant is Easy

Virtual Assistant iconTo speak with our Virtual Assistant, simply click on the icon in the lower-right corner of our website. The Virtual Assistant window will expand, greet you and present a list of topics to choose from; or you may try typing a question of your own.

When the Virtual Assistant answers your question it may also provide additional related information or options for you to choose from in order to better determine what you want.

The Virtual Assistant is available 24/7 on fairfaxcounty.gov and works with your computer, tablet and mobile phone.

What Can the Virtual Assistant Do?

The Virtual Assistant will direct you to information available on the website, either by displaying it for you within the window or by providing a link for more information. You may ask questions by typing in your own words and ask follow-up questions.

Our Virtual Assistant is always learning thanks to its artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, our customer service staff feed it a steady diet of topics and refinements based on the questions you ask the most. To start, covered topics are:

  • Board of Supervisors
  • Dog Licenses
  • Taxes
  • Trash and Recycling
  • Voting and Elections

What Can't the Virtual Assistant Do?

Though it recognizes patterns of behavior and is able to update and make connections to information accordingly, our Virtual Assistant isn't all-knowing.

Our Virtual Assistant cannot: 

  • tell you a joke.
  • play your favorite song.
  • provide information on any topic of your choosing.

...though our search engine will gladly help you with that last one.

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More About the Fairfax Virtual Assistant

Our developers and customer service agents are continuously improving the knowledge base to provide the best experience.
To provide your feedback take our online survey.

Fairfax Virtual Assistant