Slow Down

Speeding is a major issue in our neighborhoods. 80 percent of recent survey respondents believe speeding is a problem.

On certain roads, 82 percent of motorists travelled 10+ mph over the posted limit. What if children, pets or bicyclists suddenly dart in your path?

Slow down! You live here. We live here.

Do not drive faster than the posted speed limit on any road, especially in neighborhoods and commercial areas, near schools and on roads with bus stops on both sides.

Slow Down Campaign

Slow Down! You Live Here. We Live Here. campaign graphicThere are nearly 4,000 miles of roads in Fairfax County, and many are now being re-engineered to be more pedestrian friendly. But we all play in a role in keeping each other safe on the streets.

What Can Drivers Do? Slow down! Most of our pedestrian fatalities are on roadways with 40 or 45 miles-per-hour speed limits (Route 1, Route 7, Route 236 and Route 29), so it’s important to pay attention to the signs and not exceed the limit.


HOA / Community Association Support

Homeowners Association Resolution

Sample Resolution

Whereas, the safety of our community is of great interest to our association, and

Whereas, our residents enjoy walking, bicycle riding, and playing in their yards, and

Whereas, the safety and enjoyment of our community is diminished by drivers who speed through the neighborhood, and

Whereas, the Fairfax County Police inform us that the majority of speeding in a neighborhood is done by its own residents, and

Whereas, our __________District Supervisor, ___________, and the entire Board of Supervisors of Fairfax County, has made combating speeding a district and county priority, and

Whereas, our voluntary adherence to the speed limit and safe driving practices will provide an important means of addressing this issue,

Be it now resolved, that the members of the [community] home owners/civic association hereby declare [name of community] to be a "Safe Driving Community" in Fairfax County, and call on all members of our community to slow down, obey the speed limit, and employ  safe driving practices for the safety and quite enjoyment of our residents.

Approved this ________ day of ___________, 2022.

Homeowners Association Newsletter Text

Slow down! You live here. We live here.

As we know, speeding is a major issue in our neighborhoods. A recent Fairfax County survey showed that 80 percent of respondents believe speeding is a problem, and Fairfax County police have found that on certain roads, 82 percent of motorists travel 10+ mph over the posted limit. What if children, pets or bicyclists suddenly dart in your path?

That’s why Fairfax County and the Board of Supervisors has created new public awareness campaign called “Slow down! You live here. We live here.” The initiative is comprised of a vigorous awareness campaign asking drivers to voluntarily slow down in neighborhoods and includes community education events throughout the fall. Neighborhoods can declare themselves a “safe driving community” by passing a resolution through their board.

This robust campaign is a collaborative endeavor between the Board of Supervisors, the County Office of Public Affairs and the Fairfax County Police Department. 

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