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March 2024 – Code Compliance Corner

Animal Shelter Dog

Many people love sharing their home with an animal, but few may know the Zoning Ordinance regulates the types, numbers, and ways that animals can be kept. Below are some of the most common zoning considerations for the keeping of animals. Additional and more specific information is available on our animals and pets website.

  • You can have up to two dogs on any lot. If you want more than two, it will depend on the size of your lot. Dogs must be licensed in Fairfax County.
  • Roosters are only permitted as part of an agricultural operation, like a farm.
  • You need at least two acres for keeping of chickens and other poultry, and livestock, such as horses, goats, and llamas.
  • Structures, such as barns, beehives, cages, and pens, must meet location requirements so that they are setback from property lines to minimize impacts on other lots.
  • There are no zoning limits on cats but residents are encouraged to consider options, such as microchipping, spaying, or neutering to prevent growth of community cat populations.

Since many limits depend on the size of your lot, you may be wondering how large your lot is. Information on how to access this information and more about your property can be found on the county’s map website. Pet owners should also know about the Animal Shelter’s Pet Resource Center which provides information about vaccinations, help with supplies, and finding veterinary care.

The Department of Code Compliance is here to help – if you have questions, want to make a report, or if you are the subject of enforcement and need to contact us. You can report problems online, learn about what happens during an investigation, reach us via email, phone (703-324-1300, TTY 711), or visit us in person at 12055 Government Center Parkway, Suite 1016, Fairfax, VA 22035.


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