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Leslie Johnson,
Zoning Administrator

The Fairfax County Zoning Ordinance

The Zoning Ordinance of Fairfax County, Virginia, regulates zoning in Fairfax County. It is intended to promote the health, safety and general welfare of the public and to implement the adopted Comprehensive Plan for the orderly and controlled development of the County. It is administered by the Fairfax County Department of Planning and Development (DPD) whose mission is to promote livable communities which enhance the quality of life for the present and the future.  The Fairfax County Zoning Ordinance is subject to periodic revisions upon action by the Board of Supervisors. The Zoning Ordinance presented here is current as of March 23, 2021.

Should you have any questions regarding the Zoning Ordinance, please contact the Ordinance Administration Branch of the Zoning Administration Division at 703-324-1314, TTY 711 and ask to speak with the Planner of the day.

To determine the Zoning District of your property, please use the Zoning District Analyzer interactive web map. After determining the Zoning District of the property the user can determine what specific uses are allowed in this district and other information regarding the district classification and it's requirements in the Zoning Ordinance. 


  1. The Constitution of the Ordinance

  2. General Regulations

  3. Residential District Regulations

  4. Commercial District Regulations

  5. Industrial District Regulations

  6. Planned Development District Regulations

  7. Overlay District Regulations

  8. Special Permits

  9. Special Exceptions

  10. Accessory Uses, Accessory Services Uses and Home Occupations

  11. Off-Street Parking and Loading, Private Streets

  12. Signs

  13. Landscaping and Screening

  14. Performance Standards

  15. Nonconformities

  16. Development Plans

  17. Site Plans

  18. Administration, Amendments, Violations and Penalties

  19. Boards, Commissions, Committees

  20. Ordinance Structure, Interpretations and Definitions


  1. Historic Overlay Districts

  2. Illustrations

  3. Enabling Legislation

  4. Deleted by Amendment #89-186, Effective 7/31/1990

  5. Fairfax County Board of Supervisors' Policy on Accessory Dwelling Units

  6. Deleted by Amendment #89-171, Effective 3/14/1988, 12:01 AM

  7. Commercial Revitalization Districts

  8. Listing of Roadways by Function Classification

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