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Sight Distance on Corner Lots


Sight Distance Flyer
Sight Distance Flyer

A Sight Distance triangle on corner lots at the intersection of two public streets is defined as the triangle formed by measuring from the point of intersection of the front and side property lines a distance of 30 feet along said front and side property lines and connecting the points so established to form a sight triangle on the area of the lot adjacent to the street intersections. No parking, wall, fence, sign, structure or any plant growth other than grasses shall be placed or maintained within the sight distance triangle so as not to impede vision across it.


Fences in a front yard on a corner lot are allowed a maximum height of 48” except in the sight distance triangle, where a maximum fence height of 42” is allowed.


In a front yard on a corner lot, residential or commercial, all signs must be located outside of the sight distance triangle.


Vegetation in a front yard on a corner lot may consist of grasses or vegetation up to a maximum height of 42 inches (3 ½ feet). Vegetation in the site distance triangle between 3 ½ feet and 10 feet above grade cannot include any branches or leaves (foliage) but can contain a tree trunk that does not exceed 1 foot in diameter.

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