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Christopher Pietsch
Director of Finance

About Us

The Fairfax County Department of Finance is committed to providing integrated financial services that are accurate, timely, and friendly. We strive to offer service of the highest quality to our valued customers: every county department and the community. Promoting a workplace environment that fosters personal and professional growth and which embraces and celebrates its professionalism and diversity. Our mission is to protect and maintain the fiscal integrity and financial solvency of Fairfax County.


Accounting & Financial Reporting

Provides accounting services, operations and oversight and financial reporting services.


Financial Control & Compliance

The Financial Assistance and Compliance Division coordinates, develops and maintains the financial policies and procedures; serves as liaison to and advocate for decentralized agencies to assist them on finance related activities and policies compliance; as well as coordinates the development of enhanced modes of communication to inform and instruct our user community on the policies, procedures, products and services provided by the department.


Investing & Cash Management

Responsible for the investment of county funds and administration of bank and cash management services for all agencies.


Payment of Countywide Obligations

Payment of Countywide Obligations is comprised of the Automated Financial Information and Payment Services Division which provides centralized internal controls over county financial systems and Accounts Payable operations by offering training, and support to over 90 County agencies. This division comprises the Accounts Payable and System Administration sections.


Risk Management

The Risk Management Division acts as the county's "insurance company." The division monitors risk and loss exposures of the county and maintains commercial insurance and/or self insurance funding reserves as well as safety, loss prevention and claims mitigation programs to minimize the risk.



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