2024 Countywide Strategic Plan Annual Report Released

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2024 Strategic Plan


The Fairfax Countywide Strategic Plan was adopted in 2021 by the Board of Supervisors and is focused on setting the conditions for meaningful change. The 2024 Fairfax Countywide Strategic Plan Annual Report, released concurrently with the county executive’s FY 2025 Advertised Budget presentation, outlines steps taken over the past year to implement the plan and highlights key actions and progress in the 10 community outcome areas.

“The year two Countywide Strategic Plan Annual Report incorporates the extraordinary work of employees, elected officials and residents who continue to shape the shared future of Fairfax County,” said County Executive Bryan Hill. “We are excited about the new tools launched this year, including dashboard and data stories for the Economic Opportunity, Healthy Communities and Mobility and Transportation outcome areas. These tools allow us to examine how people in our community are doing in specific neighborhoods and population groups and are supplemented by equity indices that highlight where county action is needed.”



Equity-driven work is focused on using the Communities of Opportunity framework to operationalize the One Fairfax policy, implementing departmental equity impact plans, and utilizing new dashboards that highlight disparities by place and population to make informed decisions.

Community Outcomes
Under the guidance of the Countywide Strategic Plan Steering Committee, three cross department teams delivered recommendations on targeted strategies to improve economic opportunity, increase community engagement, and support the strategic planning work within departments. 

Data Integration
We developed new dashboards and data stories for the Healthy Communities and Mobility and Transportation outcome areas, which use “headline metrics” disaggregated by place and population where possible and updated the Economic Opportunity dashboard and data story.

Inclusive Engagement
We extended the use of Public Input, a public engagement platform being piloted to allow for more consistent and quality survey data to be collected from residents, employees and key stakeholders to connect their work to the strategic plan.



The 10 outcome areas that reflect priorities of the community and highlights for each area appear below:

1. Cultural and Recreational Opportunities — The overarching vision for this outcome area is that all residents, businesses and visitors are aware of, and can participate in quality arts, sports, recreation and culturally enriching activities. Highlights include: 

  • Developed and implemented the Extreme Heat Response Plan to ensure that residents have access to cooling centers, transportation and supplies and to mitigate risks of heat-related illnesses.
  • Opened the 12-acre North Hill Park, transforming North Hill from an underutilized parcel to a vibrant residential community.

2. Economic Opportunity — The overarching vision for this outcome area is that all people, businesses and places in Fairfax County are thriving economically. Highlights include: 

  • Launched THRIVE, a technical assistance program dedicated to small business growth. Through this program, approximately 600 businesses will receive targeted consulting services valued up to #10,000 to help achieve unique business goals.
  • Approved three Economic Incentive Program applications for economic development located in two Commercial Revitalization Districts, that collectively incentivized 403 new multi-family residential units, 13,000 square feet of retail space and 42,000 square feet of new office development.

3. Effective and Efficient Government — The overarching vision for this outcome area is that all people in Fairfax County trust that their government responsibly manages resources, is responsive to their needs, provides exceptional services and equitably represents them. Highlights include:

  • Streamlined the review process for issuance of Nonresidential Use Permits/Certificates of Occupancy with the use of Fairfax County’s Planning and Land Use System. 
  • Developed and refined Countywide Strategic Plan dashboards and data stories that provide the most current information in various key areas, such as vacancies, salaries and turnover. A range of filters can be applied to this data, including age, race, gender, position type and agency, allowing county management to effectively analyze the information, identify trends and support informed decision-making.

4. Empowerment and Support for Residents Facing Vulnerability — The overarching vision for this outcome area is that all people facing vulnerability in Fairfax County are empowered and supported to live independent lives to their fullest potential. Highlights include:

  •  Achieved timely processing of 97 percent of Medicaid, 99 percent of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and 99 percent of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program applications/renewals.
  • Implemented the Safe and Connected Practice Model, designed to promote resilience and inclusion, prevent childhood adversity and trauma, and ensure the safety and wellbeing of every child and family served.

5. Environment and Energy — The overarching vision for this outcome area is that all people in Fairfax Count live in a healthy, sustainable environment. Highlights include:

  • Published the Climate Action Dashboard, a single site explaining and sharing progress with the community on the county’s climate action goals. 
  • Launched the Interagency Climate Team, which is composed of over 150 staff across more than 25 agencies. This team is responsible for implementing all three of the county’s climate plans.

6. Healthy Communities — The overarching vision for this outcome area is that all people in Fairfax County can attain their highest level of health and well-being. Highlights include:

  • Launched the Stable Families, Thriving Futures program, providing support to future and present mothers and fathers ages 14-25 as they achieve their educational goals, improve confidence as parents and ensure a pathway to economic self-sufficiency and employment.
  • Expanded capacity of the Community Response Team to provide additional outreach and care coordination to individuals who have unmet medical and behavioral health needs.

7. Housing and Neighborhood Livability — The overarching vision for this outcome area is that all people in Fairfax County live in communities that foster safe, enjoyable and affordable living experiences. Highlights include:

  • Opened the Residences at North Hill community with 279 affordable homes, a 12+ acre public park and a host of onsite amenities including a community room, fitness center, playground and recreational plaza.
  • Opened the Ovation at Arrowbrook in Herndon, featuring 274 affordable apartment homes with 38,000 square feet of community retail space that will be home to a grocery store, bakery, brewery and more.

8. Lifelong Education and Learning — The overarching vision in Fairfax Count is that all residents at every stage of life are taking advantage of inclusive, responsive and accessible learning opportunities that enable them to grow, prosper and thrive. Highlights include:

  • Provided public digital access at county government and Fairfax County Public Schools locations.
  • Offered over 2,000 programs to support English language learners. These programs recorded attendance of over 9,000 people across 20 library branches as well as being offered virtually.

9. Mobility and Transportation — The vision for this outcome area is that Fairfax County is a place where all residents, businesses and visitors can move efficiently, affordably and safely throughout the county and beyond, via our well-designed network of roads, sidewalks, trails and transit options. Highlights include:

  • Completed 13 active transportation projects and 14 bus shelter/bus stop improvement projects, providing new sidewalk improvements and seven miles of trails and shared use path improvements.
  • Approved a fare policy change for Fairfax Connector Bus service that allows children under 12 years old to ride free with a paying adult.

10. Safety and Security — The overarching vision for this outcome area is that all people in Fairfax County feel safe at home, school, work and in the community. Highlights include:

  • Opened the new Public Safety Wellness Center with a focus on mental health for the county’s First Responders.
  • Partnered with the American Red Cross to install smoke alarms and carbon dioxide devices in vulnerable communities.



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