The Dangers of Speeding (“50 Means 50”)

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The County Conversation - Dangers of Speeding


Speeding is a major problem that leads to countless accidents, injuries, and fatalities on roads in Fairfax County every year. 

On a recent “County Conversation” podcast Police Captain Alan Hanson discussed the problems of speeding, as well as the police department’s recent “50 Means 50” campaign conducted on the Fairfax County Parkway, which was the site of an incident that nearly cost the life of a county police officer.

During the campaign, police enforced an array of traffic violations with a focus on speeding, reckless speeding, hands-free violations, and licensing violations, issuing:

  • 890 traffic summonses 
  • 163 warning tickets
  • Totaling 1,053 observed violations

Police are working to improve messaging to young drivers in Fairfax County Public Schools about the consequences of speeding, and parents are encouraged to have conversations with their children about driving safely. County police also have several campaigns and enforcement efforts already planned throughout the year to encourage responsible behavior from both drivers and pedestrians.

By following the speed limit and being alert to the dangers of the road, we can create a safer, more responsible driving community in Fairfax County and beyond. 

"I understand the traffic impacts. But going these egregious or excessive speeds, there's not a reason for it. So just be safe and make smart decisions. Speed limit means a speed limit you need to follow."



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