Go Solar this Spring with Solarize VA, Solar Switch and Solar Panel Recycling

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Three programs available to Fairfax County residents are making it easier to install a quality rooftop solar system at lower costs and to recycle older solar panels

Solar ProgramsSolarize Virginia and Capital Area Solar Switch make switching to solar a snap by offering:

  • A free assessment to find out whether your home is a good candidate for solar installation.
  • Bulk discounts on solar systems, at least 10% lower than the regional average.
  • Access to a qualified solar installer, ongoing support and no obligation to purchase.

Both programs are open this spring for a limited time, and you can sign up now.

Meanwhile, the Solar Panel Recycling Program has been launched by our Department of Public Works and Environmental Services (DPWES). It offers a responsible method for residents to dispose of solar panels, contributing to a greener planet.

Using renewable energy like solar power can reduce your monthly energy bills, increase your home’s value and benefit the environment. Local incentives and a federal solar tax credit of 30% can further reduce installation costs, making solar energy more accessible than ever before.

Learn more about all three programs below. 


Solarize Virginia

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Solarize Virginia, which is managed by nonprofit Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP). Last year alone, 292 Virginia residents went solar through Solarize, 223 of whom were in Northern Virginia.

Solarize is open now through June 30 this year. During this time, program participants can attend free webinars and receive expert opinions about the feasibility of solar panels for their buildings.

You can register now to join Solarize Virginia for an informative webinar for the Fairfax community on May 7 at 6 p.m.


Capital Area Solar Switch

Solar Switch is a group buying program offered by nonprofit Solar United Neighbors (SUN) that helps homeowners and small businesses purchase a complete rooftop solar installation with optional add-ons, such as battery storage and EV chargers.

This spring marks the third round of the Capital Area Solar Switch program, a collaboration of SUN and area governments, including Fairfax County and the District of Columbia. During the most recent Solar Switch program, households saved an average of $4,115 on a typical-sized solar installation. The program is open now through July 24

Register now to join Solar Switch's virtual Solar 101 information session for Fairfax County on April 26 at 12 p.m.


Solar Panel Recycling Program

The Solar Panel Recycling program initially kicked off as a pilot project in November 2022 and marks a significant advancement in the county's environmental sustainability efforts.

Solar Recycling ProgramThe pilot phase of the program was a critical time for DPWES and its vendor, PC Recycler, Inc. dba Securis, to refine the recycling process. This phase was dedicated to preparing for the acceptance of solar panels, focusing on how to properly dismantle them and find viable outsourcing solutions for the materials involved, such as glass recycling and the recovery of precious metals. 

With these preparations complete, Fairfax County is now actively accepting solar panels from residents for recycling. The transition from pilot to full-scale implementation demonstrates the County's commitment to sustainability and responsible waste management.

Residents can bring their solar panels to either the I-66 Transfer Station or the I-95 Landfill Complex Electronics Recycling area during regular hours. This service is exclusively for the disposal of residential solar panels and does not include pickup services.


Other Incentives

Fairfax County also offers resources and benefits for homeowners looking to install solar, such as waived permit fees and tax exemptions on solar equipment


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