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Frequently Asked Questions for Current Family Child Care Providers

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Why does my child care specialist schedule my renewal visit two months before my permit expires?

Conducting the renewal visit two months before your permit expires gives you and our office staff the time to ensure that all requirements have been successfully completed.

Can my spouse or partner be my substitute in case of emergency?

Your spouse or partner can be a substitute provider in case of an emergency as long as they have a current CPR/first aid certification, have verification that they are free of active tuberculosis, and have had a successful background check.

How many children can I care for with my county permit?

You may care for up to four children in addition to your own children. There are guidelines that provide additional information based on the age of the children in your care and the number of children living with you. Federal and state laws have recently been changed to help protect the health and safety of children in child care programs. Find out how these changes affect Fairfax County permitted family child care providers.

Does the Office for Children send children for enrollment in my child care program?

Having a valid family child care permit means that you are now a small business owner. It is up to you to build, market and grow your business. The Office for Children can provide you with resources to help you build your business, however it does not “send” children to your program. The Women’s Business Center in Springfield, Virginia can provide additional resources to help you develop your business.

Should I use a contract with each family served by my business?

Having a contract for each family is strongly encouraged. A contract is a way to ensure that you and the families served by your family child care program have a clear understanding of the services you provide and the compensation you expect for those services. It is a way to minimize any misunderstanding between you and the families of children you serve. You will receive a sample copy of a family child care business contract in the Provider Notebook you will be given during your initial home safety visit from your child care specialist. You may also call our office at 703-324-8100 to request a sample contract.

How can I find out if my rates are competitive?

The Office for Children conducts an annual survey that can be helpful when you are determining the rates you will charge per child. View child care rates across Fairfax County.  How much you charge families for your child care services is a decision that you must make for your business.

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