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Webinars for Child Care Business – Frequently Asked Questions

CEPS Family Child Care Business Webinar FAQs
Tips for Successfully Joining and Participating in Webinars

Here are some tips that will help you navigate your webinar learning journey.

  • GoToWebinarDownload the GoToWebinar App at or search Apps from your device. 
  • Confirm your email address is entered correctly to ensure you will receive the confirmation email and will be able to join the webinar. If you do not receive the confirmation email immediately after registering, contact us at or and we can help you. 
  • Save the confirmation email so you can click on “Join the Webinar” when ready to attend.

  • Log in 10 minutes before the webinar starts to make sure everything is working as expected.
  • Verify that you can access the internet, the sound system is working and speakers are enabled.
  • If your device is not connecting or having difficulties, first try rebooting your system by shutting down, then try again.*
  • It is best to participate through a laptop or tablet, but you can also join and participate using your phone. 

*See the troubleshooting tips below that we have found worked best for our participants.

Troubleshooting tips we have found worked best for our participants:


  • Chrome and Edge Internet browsers seem to work best with GoToWebinar.
  • Check to see if the Internet is connected and available (active).
  • Verify that the control panel shows sound is enabled and volume is set
  • Headphones are plugged in if using or are out if not.
  • Try rebooting device, browser and website if still not working.

If troubleshooting is unsuccessful, you can phone in by using the phone number and PIN in your email confirmation. This will allow you to hear the audio, you will still need to use your device to view the webinar and actively participate when prompted so you can successfully earn your training certificate.


  • Chrome and Edge browsers seem to work best. Videos don’t seem to play as well on some of the other browsers.
  • If you find the browser is not working well with this app, logoff and close out before logging in to the desired browser.
  • If clicking on the login link from your confirmation email brings you to a browser you don’t want to use, copy and paste the link into the chosen browser.
  • Close out all apps and pages you are not using and reboot. Sometimes your computer can get bogged down when too many programs are active on it. Closing everything down and rebooting to clear can help.

Screen Freezes During Video
This may be an internet connection issue. Reload the page when internet connection improves. Or try logging out of the webinar and back in to reset it if the screen remains frozen.

document iconTo download the handouts to your mobile phone or tablet, click the paper icon in the top right corner of the screen. You will then be able to click on each handout to download. Once downloaded, go to the download folder on your device. You can then open handouts on your phone or tablet. You can print if you have a printer connection or by emailing it and printing from a device that does.

Find a Comfortable Area
Choose an area to participate in the webinar that is well-lit and well-ventilated to help you remain alert and engaged. Find an area that will help you be a part of the community of learners without distractions like cable or internet programs, people or pets. All day long you give to others, so let this be a time to focus on your professional development. 

Stay Engaged
Try to finish up your routine activities before you join the webinar to help you stay engaged, focused, able to hear new ideas and information and participate with others. 

To earn your training certificate and get the most out of this time of learning, attend the full session including the Questions and Answer time, if available.

To participate in the Q&A:Example of answering a poll on Android and iphone

  • Click the question mark (?) on the task panel.
  • On a smart phone, type in your answer or question and tap “Submit.” 
  • On a tabletop computer or laptop, type in the Questions box and tap “Submit” to submit your answer or question. 
  • Many webinars have required polls during the presentation. You must answer the required polls to earn your certificate. To respond to the poll, select your answer by clicking/tapping on the circle and then clicking/tapping the “Submit” button. 

If you did not receive a certificate for a webinar you have attended in the past, please check your inbox or junk mail folder for an email from GoToWebinar during that time frame after the webinar. If you are attending a family child care business webinar through CEPS, please check your inbox and junk mail folder.  CEPS certificates are issued within 2-4 business days after the webinar.

New to Webinar Learning? 

It is important that you continue to develop your webinar participation skills. Review the technical assistance videos that match your devices and learn how to navigate the GoToWebinar system. These videos illustrate and share how to register, join a meeting, adjust your volume, respond to polls, send answers in the Questions box, and submit questions to the presenter.

If you still need help, send us an email at or and we will contact you and walk through the steps to join and participate in our webinars.

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