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Tapping Into Technology - Creative Arts

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Page 8 - Creative Arts

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Children use rhythm, music, art, movement, dance, drawing, singing, and imaginative play as ways to express what they see, think, and feel. Encouraging children to explore creative art concepts allows them to discover new interests, abilities, and ways to communicate while gaining a sense of personal identity and confidence.

There are several ways that technology can support the creative arts as well as the development of personal expression.

Explore different types of music

With the tap of a screen, you can access songs recorded by thousands of musicians reflecting cultures around the world. Listening to a wide variety of music at a moderate volume exposes children to different instruments, arrangements, rhythm, tempo, and vocal expressions.

  • Using your electronic device, listen to music from different parts of the world where you may have family or friends.
  • Listen for familiar words or learn new words in other languages.
  • Search for videos of traditional dances to accompany cultural music and try to imitate the movements or have your child create unique movements to the rhythm and mood of the music.
  • Softly play music from different genres while your child colors or paints. Talk about the pictures that were created while listening to different types of music.

Record video or audio clips of sounds

Explore your home, neighborhood, or school by recording video clips of things that make sounds.

  • Take a nature walk focusing on what your child hears, e.g. a bird chirping or water running through a stream. Capture the sounds in a short audio or video clip. Listen to the sounds later and try to guess what made the noise.
  • Create a kitchen band using pots, pans, bowls, and kitchen utensils. Record video clips of the different types of music your child can make.
  • After collecting sounds, explore different programs that allow you to easily edit sound clips together and create your own tracks or songs.

Make an electronic book

There are many applications that allow you to build your own book by inserting pictures, videos, text, and even voice recordings. With the guidance of an adult, your child can create a book using various types of media. This experience provides opportunities to practice developing story structure – a beginning, middle, and end to the book – as well as practicing sequential order.

  • Take pictures and videos when you go to a new place. Work with your child to put these pictures and videos together to tell a story.
  • Once the book has been created, encourage your child to tell you about the adventures that were documented.

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