Community/Homeowner Association Update

If your association recently held elections or changed leaders, please complete this form so Fairfax County can keep your community informed.

Full Legal Name of Association:


Type of membership of your association/organization: (choose one)
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Board of Supervisors District in which the association is located:
(To find the district in which you live, use My Neighborhood to enter your address, click search and then click "My Neighborhood Report.")


Primary contact for mailings and notifications from Fairfax County:

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If the primary contact address is a P.O. Box or a property management company, please provide the street address of at least one property in the association boundaries.


Is there an annual meeting?

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Total number of households within the boundaries served by your association:


Association Web site address:


If possible, please provide a list of all street names within your association boundaries. If a street is not contained within your association, please provide the range of addresses on those streets that are within your boundaries.

Name of person completing form:

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Responses will be used to update the Office of Public Affairs’ community association list. Please note that associations are not legally required to provide this information to Fairfax County. If associations choose to provide the information, the information will become part of the county’s official records and will be subject to the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.



Fairfax Virtual Assistant