Afghan Newcomers Information and Resources

Fairfax County is proud to be a diverse and welcoming community that provides opportunities for people from all over the world seeking a better life. The county is working with nonprofit partners to support Afghan newcomers who will eventually call this area home. 

Current Situation

After landing at Dulles International Airport, Afghan newcomers are transported to various military bases around the country.

Once processed at the bases, resettlement agencies will assist individuals and families in relocating to a permanent new home, especially where they have family and friends. Because Fairfax County has a sizable Afghan population, it is anticipated that many evacuees will eventually resettle here.

How to Help

Many local organizations are eager provide support, and Fairfax County partners closely with local refugee resettlement agencies to share information, establish points of contact for benefit coordination, and provide training on available programs and services. The local resettlement agencies for the Northern Virginia area have posted information on their websites about ways residents can donate or volunteer to help Afghans resettling in our community:


Services for Newcomers

Fairfax County is working with nonprofits and faith communities in assisting Afghan newcomers who will eventually call the county their home. They have experienced significant trauma, uncertainty and stress during the evacuation process. It is Fairfax County’s priority to ensure that individuals and families who resettle here can access services as quickly as possible so that they can focus on rebuilding their lives and establishing support networks in the community.


Fairfax Virtual Assistant