Black / African American Stories

Fairfax County is collecting personal stories of county residents to increase visibility of Black/African American experiences in the county. The contributions will be added to a collection of resources for county students, historians and the community, entitled Black/African American Experience in Fairfax County.

Black/African American Experiences Submission Form

Black/African Americans have a rich tradition of storytelling and folklore. This is your opportunity to share your stories for our whole community's benefit. Please provide complete information or reach out if you have more to share. 

Be sure to click on "Submit" at the bottom of the page to submit your form to us. You'll be taken to a verification page before finally completing the process.

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Note: when you submit this form you will first be taken to a verification screen and you are giving permission the release your story under these terms and conditions. (pdf)


Have more to share?

Interested in recording your oral history on camera or submitting additional materials, including photos or videos? Email

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