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Seamus Mooney,

Students for Emergency Preparedness

STEP (Student Tools for Emergency Planning) is an emergency preparedness education project developed by FEMA and the American Red Cross and in 2008 was piloted in six New England states. Students at the 4th and 6th grade levels will be armed with strategies for dealing with various types of emergencies and will share this awareness with family members.

Learning Objectives

  • Students will learn general knowledge about disasters common to their area.
  • Students will learn to assemble emergency kits with their families.
  • Students will learn to form communication plans with their families.

By Teachers, For Teachers

STEP materials include instructor guides, DVDs, copies of student handouts, refrigerator magnets and student starter kits for all schools participating. Everything is ready to use – at no cost to the school. The STEP lesson materials are designed by teachers, for teachers. The one-hour base lesson has streamlined objectives in order to be a manageable time commitment in the classroom. If you have more time, additional activity ideas and materials are available.