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Randy Jouben,
Risk Manager

Property Damage and Injury Claim Reporting

The Claim Reporting System is designed to make it convenient to

report a property damage or injury claim 24/7 to either the Fairfax County Public Schools or the Fairfax County Government.

What type of claim should I report?  You may submit a claim if:

  • Your property was damaged as a result of flooding, sewer back ups or fallen trees for which you think the county or schools are responsible.
  • You were hurt as a result of a slip or fall on county or school-owned property.

What information do I need to submit a claim?

The following information is needed:

  • Person's/Student name, address and phone number
  • Date of Incident
  • Location of Incident
  • Detailed description of loss
  • Name and relationship of person completing report                                                                                                             
  • E-mail address for confirmation

Will I receive any type of confirmation that my claim has been submitted successfully?

Yes.  You will receive an e-mail confirmation once the claim has been submitted.  You will be contacted within 5 business days by your claims adjuster.

For assistance contact:

Fairfax County Government Center
Risk Management Division
12000 Government Center Parkway,
Suite 215
Fairfax, Virginia 22035-0016

703-324-3040; TTY 711 

Fairfax Virtual Assistant