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Diane Charles,
Project Manager

Fruits and Veggies

Key Messages

  • Make half your plate fruits and veggies.
  • There are LOTS of ways to make veggies taste good — try different ways until you find what your family likes!

Food Demonstration/Recipe Tasting

Create opportunities for pantry clients to see how items they are receiving can be used to create a healthy meal.

  • Create a simple cold or hot dish for clients to sample. Note that the Health Department requires running water if the meal is prepared onsite. Another option is to have volunteers prepare a recipe in advance to be sampled.
  • Suggested recipes from the Capital Area Food Bank website. Provide printed recipe cards (English/Spanish) for participants to take home.

Table Displays

Pick one or more of the following display options:

  • “How Much Do I Eat?” display
    • MyPlate poster.
    • Eat a Rainbow poster (this is what kids will glue their cutouts onto — see activity below).
    • Display What Counts as One Cup handout.
  • “How to Buy Veggies” display
  • “How to Prepare Veggies” display
    • Display poster where volunteers and food pantry customers can write their tips for preparing/getting kids to eat veggies. The poster will be displayed the following month at the food pantry, so parents can learn from other parents.
    • Display USDA Kid-Friendly Veggies & Fruits handout.
    • Display how many ways there are to serve/prepare veggies — roast, use in family favorite meals, prepare as a delish side, etc. Talk about “formula” meals, where you can use whatever you have on hand to make a stir fry, sandwich/wrap, salad, soup, pasta, etc.

Children Activities

  • Eat a Rainbow Craft: Children cut out a fruit or vegetable to paste onto the rainbow. Let children get creative with drawing and cutting out their own produce, but provide samples to give them ideas. Each child can write his/her name on their cutout and paste it onto the rainbow. Display the rainbow at the food pantry for the kids to see next month.

    Items needed:



Note: Look for organizations that may be willing to donate items to reduce cost. Suggested items for purchase may include:

  • Pencils/small toys (watermelon bouncy balls).
  • Healthy Food Stickers (veggies/fruits).
  • Piece of fruit (clementine, etc.).

Event Set-Up/Suggestions

  • Print out resources needed for event.
  • Table(s) needed for table displays and food demos.
  • Food items need for each food group display. Use as many pantry items as possible.
  • Props for displaying portion sizes.
  • Food samples and/or recipes prepared.
  • Napkins, toothpicks for sampling foods, hand sanitizer, gloves for sampling food.
  • If creating a meal — food items, assembly tools, serving plates and utensils.
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