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Fairfax County, Virginia


TTY 711

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Fairfax, VA 22030

Diane Charles,
Project Manager

Healthy Beverages

Key Messages

  • Sodas and added-sugar beverages increase the risk of obesity and other chronic conditions like diabetes.
  • Water should always be your first hydration choice.

Food Demonstration/Recipe Tasting

Table Displays

Children Activities

  • Children can predict how much sugar is in different displayed drinks. They can spoon the amount of sugar into a cup and compare their guess with the actual amount of sugar.
  • Practice reading labels to determine the amount of sugar in a variety of beverages.
    • 4 grams of sugar = 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • Sugar Shuffle Board Game (game board, game pieces, answer key) - American Heart Association
  • Have children create an infused water combination that they can then create at home.  See infused water with fruit/veggie cutouts



Note: Look for organizations that may be willing to donate items to reduce cost. Suggested items for purchase may include:

  • Water bottles.
  • Stickers.

Event Set-Up/Suggestions

  • Print out resources needed for event (see children activities and handouts).
  • Table(s) needed for table displays and water samples.
  • Cups for sampling water.
  • Sugar and measuring spoons for sugar prediction station.
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