November “County Magazine” Features Adoption, Restaurant Inspections, Green Business Partners and Redevelopment

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County Magazine


The November edition of "County Magazine" gives a compelling overview of topics and initiatives relevant to our community, from foster care adoption to environmental sustainability.


The first segment focused on National Adoption Awareness Month, telling the story of Katherine Damon, a 3rd grade teacher who adopted her son Zak. The segment discussed the over 700 foster children in Virginia waiting to be adopted and highlighted resources from the Department of Family Services to help connect children with adoptive families. 

The next segment provided an inside look at fats, oils and grease inspections conducted by the county's wastewater management team at restaurants. It followed inspectors as they checked grease traps, took samples and tested pH levels to ensure compliance and prevent sewer blockages. Recommendations were provided to restaurants on maintaining their grease trap.

A public service announcement educated viewers on the dangers of distracted driving, particularly due to cellphone use and texting. Residents are urged to take the pledge to put phones down and focus when driving.

Mortgage company Freddie Mac was profiled for their sustainability efforts as a leader in the Green Business Partners Program. Their LEED certified buildings, renewable energy use, EV charging stations, recycling programs and employee green teams have helped reduce their environmental impact.

Finally, plans to redevelop the former AT&T corporate campus into a mixed-use residential and retail neighborhood were highlighted. Community input into the planning process was emphasized as crucial to ensure the new development fits the needs of residents.


“County Magazine” is produced by Fairfax County Government Cable Channel 16, which can be viewed on Cox Cable on channel 1016 (HD) and channel 16 (SD); Verizon Fios channel 16 (SD); Comcast channel 16 (SD); via digital TV with QAM tuner on channel 34-16; as well as live online

Past episodes of “County Magazine” can also be viewed on the county’s YouTube channel as they are published each month; be sure to subscribe for notifications. Past programs are also available via a County Magazine Playlist.

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