Road Rules for School Buses, School Zones and Crossing Guards

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FCPS school bus

With more than a million residents, our roads are normally busy, but school buses add an extra layer of vehicles. While it may be tempting if you’re in a hurry, it is never OK to pass a school bus, speed through a school zone or ignore a crossing guard’s direction.

Driving Rules Near School Buses

Fairfax County Public Schools runs more than 1,600 buses daily.

And if you drive, there’s no doubt you will encounter FCPS and private school buses. The rules are pretty simple if you encounter a school bus with flashing red lights.

Drivers must stop in both directions, unless separated from the bus by a median. Please remember, it is considered reckless driving - a criminal offense - if you pass a stopped school bus unloading children. It is not worth getting to your destination a few seconds faster when you are risking the safety and lives of others.

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School Zones

Pay attention to school zones, especially where they start and end. Those slower school zone speed limits are there for a reason. Follow the speed limit when the lights are flashing. It’s important to add more time into your commuting schedule so you’re not in a rush and perhaps decide to pass a school bus or speed through a school zone.

Crossing Guards

Heeding the whistles and waves of our dedicated crossing guards is yet another way you can ensure the safety of students. Pay attention in crossing guard zone areas as you drive.



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