Did You Receive a Jury Questionnaire in Your Mailbox?

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You may be one of approximately 74,000 Fairfax County or City of Fairfax residents receiving a jury duty questionnaire in the mail soon. Here is some helpful information to make the process easier.

Questionnaire Does Not Mean Jury Duty

Just because you received a questionnaire does not mean you will be summoned for jury duty. Potential jurors are randomly selected from voter registration lists to represent a cross section of the community. The questionnaire is the beginning of a screening process to determine who is qualified to serve. You can mail the questionnaire back or, preferably, fill it out online:


If You Qualify, Here’s What Will Happen

If you qualify for the jury pool, you will receive a summons for jury duty by mail approximately one month before your reporting date. Keep in mind that this is an official court summons and if you do not respond, you could be found in contempt of court. The evening before your assigned date you will need to call a recorded message or check the jury website to find out whether your group number (listed on the summons) is called for service. If your group number is not called, you do not have to report and your service is finished however, you may be summoned again in the near future.

Reporting for Jury Duty

If your group number is called and you report for jury duty service, you will be reimbursed $50 for each day you must report to the courthouse for travel expenses. Your employer can’t fire, demote or otherwise penalize you for missing work while performing jury duty. Many employers continue to pay salaries for those on jury duty, but you should check directly with your employer well in advance.

Potential jurors report by 8:15 a.m. to the jury assembly area on the 5th Floor, Room 503 of the Fairfax County Courthouse, 4110 Chain Bridge Road in Fairfax. Parking and public transportation are available. A parking validation ticket will be provided at check-in so there is no charge. 

All who report will receive an orientation on the juror’s role and responsibilities and the trial process. Even though you have been called for jury duty, you may not be selected for a trial.

Find information on the jury process, trials and more on the Circuit Court webpage.

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