Exploring a New Era: "Parking Reimagined" Project Approved by Board of Supervisors

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​​​​​​The Board of Supervisors approved the Parking Reimagined proposal following a Sept. 26 public hearing. The joint effort between the Department of Planning and Development and Land Development Services focused on reviewing and modernizing the off-street parking and loading requirements in neighborhoods and commercial areas of the county. The new parking guidelines, crafted through extensive community engagement, aim to foster walkable and bike-friendly mixed-use districts with improved transit accessibility. The new regulations align parking standards with both current and future needs.


What’s New

Tiered Parking Framework: The county is geographically diverse with certain areas resembling large cities such as Tysons, while other areas remain rural. To address this, the proposal uses a tiered approach to reduce parking rates in densely populated areas with excellent public transit options or a strong mix of land uses.

Residential Right-sizing: The new regulations adjust parking rules for various housing types, including requiring visitor spaces for single-family attached homes and stacked townhomes. Requirements for multifamily developments will be slightly reduced to align with current trends.

Environmental Enhancements: The rightsizing of parking could result in reduced stormwater run-off, green space preservation, and/or tree canopy enhancement to promote sustainability.

Loading Zones and Parking Lots: The new regulations streamline loading requirements for delivery vehicles to meet modern day demands. Accessible parking and pedestrian-friendly parking lots are required for new development and redevelopment to create a safer and more inclusive experience.

Bicycle Parking: Minimum bicycle parking requirements are now required countywide for new development and redevelopment to encourage cycling as a sustainable transportation option for residents and visitors.


Community Engagement

The kick-off event was a staff presentation to a joint session of the Board of Supervisors and the Planning Commission in October 2021.

Staff then held more than 100 community meetings on Parking Reimagined, including 19 town halls and open houses. Extensive outreach and listening sessions helped staff gain important feedback from those impacted by parking regulations and ultimately played a crucial role in the changes.

Learn more about Parking Reimagined.


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