Speed Camera Pilot Program

The goal of the Speed Camera Pilot Program is to change the behavior of drivers and make our roads safer.

Photo speed monitoring devices (speed cameras) will be installed in nine school zones and one construction zone in early 2023.  Speed cameras will Improve the safety of our roads by protecting pedestrians and slowing down motorists, especially around congested and vulnerable locations.

Following the six-month, 10-camera pilot, countywide photo speed enforcement would be implemented in two phases:

  1. Phase 1, in FY 2024, would include 50 photo speed enforcement cameras distributed between school and work zones.
  2. Phase 2, in FY 2025, would add 30 cameras for school zones.

Fines Begin April 10, 2023

Individuals can see and pay their citations at https://view.cite-web.com.​​​​​​​ There are no points or insurance impacts resulting from a citation. An escalating fine structure, starting at 10 mph over the limit, maxes out at $100:

  • $50 for 10-14 mph over limit.
  • $75 for 15-19 mph over limit.
  • $100 for 20 mph or more over limit.

Speed Camera Locations

Countywide Strategy: Mobility and Transportation

Mobility and Transportation is one of the 10 Community Outcome Areas within the Countywide Strategic Plan and one of the of the success indicators is to improve traveler safety is developing and implementing a multi-faceted plan to reduce and ultimately eliminate traffic-related deaths and injuries.


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