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Working with Providers and Programs

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Child Care Assistance and Referral partners with various community child care programs to provide child care to eligible families. These programs are contracted vendors and are reimbursed for child care services provided to families that participate in CCAR.

Becoming a Subsidy Vendor creates opportunities to: 

  • Make a difference by delivering services that allow parents to work and children to thrive.
  • Provide healthy, safe and quality environments for children, which has direct impact on their development and well-being.
  • Receive payments for the children participating in the subsidy program through convenient and regular direct deposits to your banking account or a debit card. 
  • Use your approved Subsidy Provider status as a marketing tool to solicit and educate prospective parents. 
  • Inform families with online health and safety inspection reports. 
  • Access relevant, up-to-date professional learning opportunities and resources. 

CCAR administers child care assistance through a locally managed Fairfax County program (local) and a state managed program by the Virginia Department of Education / Virginia Department of Social Services, (use of swipe cards).

State Managed Child Care Subsidy (use of swipe cards) 
To become an approved vendor for the State Funded Program (use of swipe cards), visit the Become a Child Care Subsidy Program Vendor at under Child Care Subsidy.

Fairfax County Managed CCAR Program (Local) 
To become an approved vendor with the Fairfax County managed CCAR program (local), follow the information below. Note that the vendor agreement outlines CCAR’s program policies and terms under which CCAR will reimburse for care. 

  • Request a Child Care Vendor Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) from CCAR by emailing or calling 703-449-8484.
  • Submit:
    • A signed MOA.
    • W-9 Form (Must match the license/permit name including the Tax Identification number or Social Security number if appropriate).
    • Copy of current child care license or Fairfax County Permit. 
    • Child Care Rate Sheet. 
    • Local Demographic Form. 

You may submit the documents via email to or to your assigned child care specialist. To find your child care specialist, please call 703-449-8484. 

Download our Become an Approved Vendor Flyer. 

Application Process Steps:

  1. Child care provider requests Memorandum of Agreement (MOA).
  2. Child care provider submits a signed MOA along with required documents to the assigned child care specialist. 
  3. CCAR Child Care Specialist schedules a visit to the child care program.
  4. Child care provider submits additional documentation if requested.
  5. Child care provider receives approval via mail. 
  6. Child care provider signs up for online attendance submission and direct deposit.

Application Process


State Managed Child Care Subsidy (use of swipe cards) 

VDSS provides payments directly to the child care provider who have a contract with VDSS to provide child care services. If you are a vendor with VDSS and have payment questions, please visit  Become a Child Care Subsidy Program Vendor at under Child Care Subsidy.  

Fairfax County Funded CCAR Program (Local) 
Fairfax County provides payment directly to child care vendors who have an agreement to provide child care services to families in the Child Care Assistance and Referral program with Fairfax County. 
Once the family is deemed eligible to receive child care assistance, the child care vendor will receive notification that includes:

  • Amount Fairfax County will pay approved vendor and the family’s co-payment.
  • Attendance submission information.
  • Vendor checks will be mailed, or direct deposit completed no later than twenty-three business days after the close of the previous month.

If you have payment questions, please contact us at or by calling 703-449-8484. 

State Managed Child Care Subsidy (use of swipe cards) 
If you are a vendor with the Virginia Department of Social Services (Use of swipe card) and have questions about your state-funded “swipe-card” or direct deposit, please visit subsidy vendor page for contact information.

Fairfax County Funded CCAR Program (Local) 
Tired of waiting for your CCAR check? Get direct deposit. It is easy, fast, and free! Direct deposit allows you to: 

  • Get your monthly check deposited automatically into your bank account.
  • Easily access your money.
  • Keep your reimbursement safe and secure.
  • Make one less trip to the bank.

To sign up for direct deposit with Fairfax County, please contact our office at 703-449-8484 or e-mail us at with the following information:

  • Vendor Name
  • Vendor Contact Name
  • Vendor Address
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Contact E-mail Address

Download our flyer about direct deposit with Fairfax County

State Managed Child Care Subsidy (use of swipe cards) 

If you are a vendor with the Virginia Department of Social Services (use of swipe card), contact 855-635-4370 for questions about payments. 

Fairfax County Managed CCAR Program (Local) 

Go Paperless with Provider Access!

This system is available for: 

  • Family Child Care Providers and Centers with an active vendor agreement to participate in the Child Care Assistance and Referral(CCAR) program for locally funded families (does not apply to families that utilize a state-funded “swipe card”). 
  • Family child care providers permitted by Fairfax County Office for Children. 

With Provider Access you can:

  • Manage and view Online Reimbursement Submissions (ORS).
  • Submit monthly attendance for children participating in Fairfax County managed CCAR (Local).
  • Keep your reimbursement details safe and secure.
  • Access reimbursement details earlier.

You can also:

  • Update most of your child care services information that displays on the Office for Children Child Care Search.
  • Update your private child care rates. 

View the CCAR Online attendance (Provider Access) user manual.

  • Sign up now! It is easy, fast, and free!You must have a valid email address
  • Call CCAR at 703-449-8484 or email, subject line Provider Access


Child Care Assistance and Referral pays up to the Maximum Reimbursable Rate (MRR). 
If the provider’s full fee rates are lower than the MRR, providers will be paid at their full-fee rate. 

Note that rates listed below may be updated at any time. 


Child Care Maximum Reimbursable Rates

VDSS Funding rates (Use of Swipe Card)  
Local Funding Rates effective October 1, 2022


Child Care Center
Level 2
  Infant Toddler Pre-School School Age

Full Day

$94 $81 $70 $61

Part Day

$66 $57 $49 $43
Family Day Home
Level 2
  Infant Toddler Pre-School School Age
Full Day $75 $66 $61 $56
Part Day $53 $47 $43 $40

If you are a child care provider with a current agreement to provide services, and would like additional information on the category descriptions, you may contact

Fairfax Virtual Assistant