Police Civilian Review Panel

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Police Civilian Review Panel (PCRP)

Reports and Documents

The Panel issues two types of public reports:

  1. Reports detailing the Panel's findings as to its review of completed Fairfax County Police Department (FCPD) investigations.
  2. Annual reports describing the Panel's activities for the year, including recommendations to the Board of Supervisors, Independent Police Auditor and the Chief of Police for revisions to FCPD policies, training and practices.

Review Report: CRP-17-01 (Published 3-26-18)

Review Report: CRP-18-02 (Published 10-4-18)

Review Report: CRP-18-12 (Published 1-9-19)

Review Report: CRP-18-26 (Published 3-8-19)

Review Report: CRP-18-27 (Published 7-12-19)

Review Report: CRP-19-05 (Published 8-2-19)

Review Report: CRP-19-07 (Published 9-17-19)

Review Report: CRP-19-11 (Published 1-15-2020)

Review Report: CRP-20-15 (Published 10-14-2020)

Review Report: CRP-19-29 (Published 10-23-2020)

Review Report: CRP-19-19 (Published 11-18-2020)

Review Report CRP-20-19 and CRP-20-27 (Published 2-9-2021)

Review Report CRP-20-20 and CRP-20-21 (Published 5-10-2021)

Review Report CRP-20-24 (Published 6-4-2021)

Review Report CRP-22-06 (Published 10-14-2022)

Review Report CRP-23-25 (Published 5-10-2024)

Panel Four-Year Review 2020

This report looks critically at the first four years (2017-2020) of the Panel’s existence in order to analyze its successes, its failures, and where the Panel can go from here.

Panel Four-Year Review 2020 (complete document)

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Panel Recommendations Matrix

The Chair and Vice-Chair of the Police Civilian Review Panel (Panel) and representatives from the Fairfax County Police Department (FCPD) meet at least quarterly with staff from the Board of Supervisors to discuss Panel recommendations and their status. The matrix that follows captures the Panel’s recommendations for changes to FCPD policies and practices, the FCPD’s actions taken, and the current status of implementation, if applicable.  Click on the links to access the report for more information on the Panel’s review process, formal recommendations, and additional comments.

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