Police Civilian Review Panel

Fairfax County, Virginia

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Police Civilian Review Panel,

The Complaint Process

Learn how to initiate the complaint process, who will investigate complaints, and what to expect once a complaint is filed. 

Engage in Our Process

Submit a Complaint

- Use the Panel's Complaint Form to submit a complaint.

- Staff can assist in filling out the complaint form. Call 703-324-2502 for assistance.

- Submit the complaint to the Panel via email, U.S. Mail, or in person.

- The Panel is required to forward all Complaints to the FCPD upon receipt.

The FCPD Investigates the Complaint

- The FCPD will conduct an investigation into the complaint if it has not already been investigated.

- The FCPD notifies the complainant of the findings of the investigation.

- The complainant may request that the Panel review their complaint after the FCPD investigation is complete.

The Panel Reviews the Completed FCPD Investigation

- The Panel review process begins when a complaint alleging abuse of authority or serious misconduct is submitted regarding a completed FCPD investigation.

- Each Panel Member reviews the completed FCPD investigation file, which may include officer and witness interviews, and in-car and body worn camera video footage.

- The Panel holds a public Review Meeting to determine whether the investigation is accurate, complete, thorough, objective, and impartial.

- The complainant may appear at the Review Meeting to give reasons why they are unsatisfied with the completed FCPD investigation into their complaint.

- The Panel issues a public report with its findings to the complainant, the Board of Supervisors, the Chief of Police, and the Independent Police Auditor.

What is Abuse of Authority or Serious Misconduct?

The Panel defines Abuse of Authority or Serious Misconduct as:

- Use of abusive racial, ethnic, or sexual language or gestures

- Harassment or discrimination based on race, color sexual orientation, gender, religion, national origin, marital status, age, familial status, immigration status or disability

- Acting in a rude, careless, angry, retaliatory or threatening manner not necessary for self defense

- Reckless endangerment of detainee or person in custody

- Violation of laws or ordinances

- Other serious violations of Fairfax County or FCPD policies or procedures, including FCPD Cannon of Ethics, that occur both on or off duty

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