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Archery Qualifications

DEADLINE: The Archery Range qualification period will be held from Saturday, March 21, 2020 through Saturday, June 20, 2020.

Please contact one of the approved Archery Ranges below for their availability and direct any questions about the qualifications or applications to Sgt. Earit Powell at earit.powell@fairfaxcounty.gov.

  1. Qualifications will now be required prior to the start of the application process.
  2. You must have a current qualification and be able to provide proof of qualification in order to apply.
  3. There will be a qualification fee for EACH attempt to qualify at an approved range - Maximum of 3 attempts to range qualify for the Archery Program.  Please contact the range for their qualification fee and for an appointment.
  4. Three out of three arrows in an 7-inch target at 20 yards and two out of three arrows in an 7-inch target at 30 yards.
  5. Crossbows and Compound bows ONLY. Only bows used to qualify may be used to participate in the Archery Program. Those qualifying with crossbows may be required to bring their own target or pay an additional fee.
  6. Broadheads ONLY-Field tips not permitted for use to qualify at the range.  “Practice” broadheads are no longer permitted for qualifications.  When going to the range you must have 3 or more broadheads with you in order to qualify.  Range Officers will not allow you to take one shot and then go out to your target to pull your arrow/bolt to take your subsequent 2nd and 3rd shots.  
  7. Broadheads must, minimally, cut a 7/8th-inch hole.
  8. Coring broadheads like the Toxic brand will not be permitted with range targets. If an archer wants to qualify with one, they must bring their own target block. See individual Range page for any restrictions.
  9. All qualification will be attempted from the standing position. If qualifying with a crossbow, you may utilize a rest if it is attached to your body or you can utilize a shooting stick (monopod or bipod shooting sticks only; tripod shooting sticks are not permitted). Tables or benches of any kind may not be used.
Where may I range qualify for the Archery Program?
  1. Participants may qualify at an approved public (or private) archery range. Range qualifications are by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Appointments for Group qualifications are preferred.

All attempts to range qualify for the Archery Program will be closely monitored and recorded by the Range Master and Fairfax County.

Please contact one of the approved Archery Ranges below to make an appointment in order to qualify and become eligible for participation in the Archery Program:

*Venues subject to change prior to the start of qualification.

  1. Range master’s decision regarding range safety or qualification is final – NO appeals.
  2. Failure to comply with all range rules and instructions by a range master will result in immediate removal from the site and failure to qualify to participate in the Archery program.
  3. Qualifications are valid for one (1) year.
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