Animal Shelter

Fairfax County, Virginia

CONTACT INFORMATION: open Tues-Fri 12-7pm, and Sat-Sun 10am-5pm; closed Mondays

4500 West Ox Road
Fairfax, VA 22030

Karen Diviney, Ph.D.,


With over 200 foster families, the Fairfax County Animal Shelter relies on our foster program to provide extra care to shelter animals. Each year, foster families give hundreds of shelter pets the extra attention and time in a home that they need to recover from illness or injury, have a break from the shelter, or time to reach that 2-month mark and be ready for adoption.


Some types of pets who need temporary foster placement are:

  1. Adult dogs and cats who need a break from the shelter (three weeks to three months).
  2. Dogs and cats with special behavioral needs. Some of our animals lack socialization and training, and time spent in a foster home (one week to one month) working on obedience and basic skills can make all the difference!
  3. Neonatal kittens! They need bottle feeding every two to six hours, depending on their age. Spring through fall is ‘Kitten Season’ and the more foster homes we have ready for neonatal kittens, the better.
  4. Animals who are recovering from a medical procedure or illness. If you don’t have any other pets, we need you most of all for these types of animals! Having a quiet place to rest and recover makes a huge difference.


How to Become a Foster

We are looking for experienced fosters for the following types of pets:

  1. Large, jumpy/mouthy dogs
  2. Neonatal (bottle baby) kittens
  3. Adult cats who just need a break from the shelter
  4. Pets recovering from medical issues or surgery

If you have experience with any of the above, please email us at!

A tiny orange neonatal kitten is fed from a bottle by his foster mom.