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Current Year Adopted Budget Plan

Each year, Fairfax County publishes sets of budget documents or fiscal plans: the Advertised Budget Plan and the Adopted Budget Plan. Submission and publication of the budget is contingent upon criteria established in the Code of Virginia. The County prepares and approves an annual budget in compliance with sound financial practices, generally accepted accounting principles, and the provisions of the Code of Virginia which control the preparation, consideration, adoption, and execution of the County budget. As required by the Code of Virginia (§ 15.2 2503), the County Executive must submit to the Board of County Supervisors a proposed budget, or fiscal plan, on or before April 1 of each year for the fiscal year beginning July 1. A budget is balanced when projected total funds available equal total disbursements, including established reserves. All local governments in the Commonwealth of Virginia must adopt a balanced budget as a requirement of state law no later than by July 1. The Advertised Budget Plan is the annual budget proposed by the County Executive for County general government operations for the upcoming fiscal year, which runs from July 1 through June 30. The Advertised Budget Plan is based on estimates of projected expenditures for County programs and it provides the means for paying for these expenditures through estimated revenues. According to the Code of Virginia, the Board of Supervisors must approve a tax rate and adopt a budget for informative and planning purposes no later than the beginning of the fiscal year (July 1). Following extensive review, deliberation and public hearings to receive input from County residents, the Board of Supervisors formally approves the Adopted Budget Plan typically in late April in order to satisfy the requirement that the Board of Supervisors approve a transfer to the Fairfax County School Board by May 15, or within 30 days of receiving state revenue estimates from the state, whichever is later. The transfer amount has traditionally been included in the Board’s Adopted Budget, requiring that the Board adopt the budget on or before May 15, not July 1 as the Code allows.  The County’s budget serves as the documentation of the financial, policy, and service decisions that the Board of Supervisors has authorized for the fiscal year. This document contains some of the best sources of information on County governmental programs and services, as well as key financial information for policy makers and managers.

FY 2018 Adopted Budget Plan Documents and Resources

Board of Supervisor Chairman's Letter

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FY 2018 Advertised Budget Plan