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Trespass Towing

In Fairfax County, trespass towing is regulated by Chapter 82-5-32 of Fairfax County Code. The term “trespass towing” applies to vehicles that are towed from private property at the direction of the property owner or manager, and without the permission of the vehicle owner.

Trespass tow operators are required to register with the Department of Cable and Consumer Services before engaging in trespass tow operations in Fairfax County.

These tow operators are registered to conduct trespass towing in Fairfax County and to store those vehicles at a storage site inside of Fairfax County only.

  • A-1 Towing & Recovery
  • Boulevard Towing & Storage, LLC
  • Dominion Towing, Inc.
  • JDR Towing, Inc.
  • Pete's Towing & Storage, LLC
  • Redman Fleet Services, Inc.
  • Willow Springs Towing and Recovery

These tow operators are registered to conduct trespass towing in Fairfax County and to store those vehicles at a storage site either inside or outside of Fairfax County.

  • Advanced Towing Company, LLC
  • Al's Towing & Storage, Inc.
  • Battlefield Towing & Storage, Inc.
  • Blair's Towing & Recovery, Inc.
  • Empire Towing
  • Fairfax Towing and Recovery
  • Henry’s Wrecker Service, LLC
  • Roadrunner Wrecker Service
  • VPS Towing and Recovery

For Consumers

Locating a towed vehicle
Vehicle owners who are looking for their towed vehicle should call Fairfax County Police non-emergency line at 703-691-2131.  All tow operators are required to report trespass towed vehicles to Fairfax County Police.

Regulation and Licensing Branch investigates complaints from vehicle owners who believe their car was towed in error or that county towing regulations were not followed. To have your tow investigated, please file a formal complaint by filling out the consumer complaint form.

Consumers who have questions about towing may or call 703-324-5966  to speak with a Regulation and Licensing Branch investigator. Often a consumer’s issue can be resolved by telephone, eliminating the need for a formal complaint.


Hookup and initial Towing fee shall not exceed:

GVWR of 7,500 pounds or less: $150
GVWR of 7,501 pounds through 10,000 pounds: $250
GVWR greater than 10,000 pounds: $500

Night/Weekend Fees

If towed between 7:00PM and 8:00AM: $30
If towed on any Saturday, Sunday, or holiday: $30
Maximum allowable night /weekend fee add-on: $60 per tow

Storage Fees

First 24-hours of storage: No charge
Each subsequent 24 hour period, or portion thereof: $50.00 per day
For vehicles over 22 feet in length: $5.00/foot per day

Administrative Fee

After vehicle has been in possession of the tow operator for three full business days, and notification made to lien holder, owner, agent, or other interested party: $75.00

Drop Fee, if dropped prior to removal from private property: $50.00

These rates apply only to vehicles that are trespass towed from private property. These rates do not apply to vehicles towed at the direction of the vehicle owner or law enforcement officer. 

Towing Ordinance
Virginia Code §46.2-1200 contains state-wide regulations related to towing and authorizes localities to enact local trespass towing ordinances.  Fairfax County’s local trespass towing ordinance is found in Chapter 82-5-32 of Fairfax County Code.  This ordinance includes regulations that include signage of property, authorization for towing from private property, maximum rates that can be charged to vehicle owners, restrictions on storage locations, and acceptable forms of payment.

Fairfax County Towing Ordinance
Review 46.2-123.1 of the Virginia Code 46.2-1200 - Chapter 12 - Abandoned, Immobilized, Unattended and Trespassing Vehicles for additional information.


Tow operators who perform trespass towing in Fairfax County must register with the Department of Cable and Consumer Services. New businesses who wish to engage in trespass towing in the county are encouraged to call our office for more information. 

Fairfax County trespass towing registration form.


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