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February 2024 – Code Compliance Corner

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The use of a home for Short-Term Lodging (STL) - the occupancy of a dwelling for less than 30 days in a row - is regulated by the Zoning Ordinance. Only a resident of the home (including renters with owner permission) can operate an STL and must get an STL permit before beginning rentals. Standards exist to keep occupants safe and minimize impacts on the surrounding community. The Department of Code Compliance (DCC) responds to reports or complaints of STL conducted in violation of Zoning Ordinance requirements or limitations. STL rules include, but are not limited to:

  • An STL unit can only be rented for up to 60 nights per calendar year.
  • Online posts for STL must include the STL permit number.
  • Only six adults are allowed in an STL rental.
  • Events or gatherings of anyone other than the short-term renters, such as weddings or reunions, are not allowed.

STL permits are valid for two years, at which point a new permit is required. Permits can be searched or applied for in PLUS. More information about STLs and permitting is available from the Department of Planning and Development.


What happens during an investigation?

  • Reports or complaints come from the community or are referred to us from other agencies. They can be anonymous, but we encourage people to leave contact information.
  • Investigators visit the property, take pictures, and try to contact the owner or tenants to explain why we are there.
  • If problems need to be fixed, we issue a “Notice of Violation,” or NOV, which says what needs to be done to correct issues. The NOV also gives a deadline for bringing the property into compliance.
  • Investigators communicate with the owner or whoever is responsible, so everyone understands what is expected. More time may be given as long as there is active work being done toward compliance.
  • After deadlines have passed, a reinspection is done to make sure issues have been resolved.
  • If the person(s) found responsible refuses to comply with the NOV, and our efforts to motivate and assist them aren’t successful, then we may take legal action, including fines and penalties.


We are here to help!

If you have questions, want to make a report, or if you are the subject of enforcement and need to contact us. You can report problems online, reach us via email, phone (703-324-1300 / TTY 711), or visit us in person at 12055 Government Center Parkway, Suite 1016, Fairfax, VA 22035.

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