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Fairfax Connector Passengers: Tips for Staying Safe at Bus Stops During Freezing Weather


No matter how you travel, transportation in the winter can be a struggle, especially in extremely cold weather. If you ride Fairfax Connector, knowing how to stay warm while waiting for your bus is essential. Here are four important tips to help make your trip a little bit more bearable in the cold weather:

  1. Plan Your Travel Ahead of Time: First, think ahead. If possible, decide on a route that keeps you waiting outside for the shortest time possible. It is important to arrive at your bus stop five minutes before the listed arrival time of your bus.
  2. Get Real-time Estimated Arrival Information by Using Fairfax Connector BusTracker: To minimize the wait time at your stop, check the estimated arrival time of your bus on your smartphone, tablet or desktop through Fairfax Connector BusTracker. You can also sign-up for email and/or text alerts for your route's estimated arrival times for a specific stop.
  3. Wear the Right Winter Clothing: Dressing appropriately for the winter means you are not exposing any skin to the cold, so you are wearing a hat, mittens or gloves, a scarf, socks, warm boots or shoes, and a warm jacket. Thick, loose clothing and lots of layers are ideal. Be on the lookout for frostbite, which typically affects smaller, more exposed body parts like the nose, earlobes, fingers, hands and toes, and get out of the cold if possible. Symptoms are a change in skin color, a slightly painful sensation, hard looking skin, numbness and a cold or burning feeling. Again, it’s important to keep those areas covered to avoid frostbite.
  4. Keep Moving to Keep Warm: Doing cardio at the bus stop might look a little silly, but moving your body and jumping up and down helps generate some heat. Just keep moving to keep your body temperature at a steady level.

For more information on Fairfax Connector service, visit www.fairfaxconnector.com or call Fairfax Connector customer service at 703-339-7200, TTY 703-339-1608, Mon-Fri 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Sat-Sun 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Se habla Español.

DISCLAIMER: Riders are reminded that during inclement weather, route-by-route real-time estimated arrival information in BusTracker may not be accurate as delays may occur due to poor road conditions.


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