Board of Supervisors - Dranesville District

Fairfax County, Virginia

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McLean Governmental Center
1437 Balls Hill Road, Mclean, VA 22101

John W. Foust,
Board of Supervisor

McLean Community Room Use

Dranesville District Community Room

Rules and Regulations

  • The McLean Governmental Center Community Room is available for use by non-profit organizations and individual citizens of Fairfax County, 18 years and older, for civic, cultural, educational, religious, recreational, and similar activities of a non-profit nature and for intergovernmental purposes.
  • Any such use may not interfere with County government functions or conflict with the official activities of the Board of Supervisors, Board-appointed commissions, the Board of Zoning Appeals or county agencies.
  • Organizations requesting to use the Community will be required to verify the non-profit status of the organization by providing, on the application form, the tax-exempt number issued by the Internal Revenue Service for that organization.
  • The Community Room can be reserved for the next calendar year no earlier than September 1st of the previous year.
  • Groups are limited to one use per month
  • In the event the Community Room has not been reserved within 72 hours of a particular day, then the room can be reserved by an applicant, even if that applicant has already reserved an activity that month.
  • The Community Room cannot be reserved in advance by or for the same applicant for more than one activity each calendar month.  No activity reserved in advance shall be allowed to take place for more than two consecutive days.
  • A reservation for the Community Room is not a guarantee that a conflict with an activity having higher priority (as outlined on Page 4 in Section IV of the Fairfax County Procedural Memorandum No. 25-24) will not result, thereby causing a need for rescheduling or cancellation of an event.
  • The individual listed on the application must be present in the reserved area at all times and must have in his/her possession a copy of the approved application.
  • Authorized uses include meetings, conferences, seminars, lectures, and debates.
  • The Community Room shall not be used for fundraising events.
  • The user is responsible to ensure that signs, banners, and decorations are NOT affixed to any building surfaces.
  • Food and drinks are permitted provided that the trash is placed in the proper receptacles, and tables are wiped clean.
  • Alcoholic beverages may NOT be served.  Food must be pre-made, NO open flames.
  • The group or individual using the room is responsible for any damages to the room, to the furnishings, or stains.  The room is to be left in a clean, neat and orderly condition.  In the event of any stains or damages, the user is required to notify the Supervisor’s Office and the user may be held responsible for any cleaning or reparations that are determined to be necessary by the Office of the Supervisor.
  • Violation of any rules or conditions may revoke future use of these facilities.


Full Community Room (Rooms A & B)

56 chairs and 28 tables


Half Community Room (Room A OR B)

28 chairs and 16 tables



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