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The Residences at North Hill - FAQ's

Below, you will find answers to commonly asked questions related to the construction of the Residences at North Hill - one of Fairfax County's largest affordable housing projects ever. Project updates and announcements will be regularly provided on the project website: https://bit.ly/NorthHillHousingProject .

To subscribe for Email Updates, go to www.fairfaxcounty.gov/mailinglist/ and follow the instructions to select the "North Hill Housing Project" from the subscription list.

You may submit additional questions via email at NorthHillHousingProject@fairfaxcounty.gov.

First and foremost, safety of the community and work crews is a core value of the development team. Numerous safety measures are a part of this project including traffic controls, worker safety briefings, securing equipment and job hazards, and regular monitoring of the site. Early discussions are scheduled with the county Fire Marshal to ensure appropriate fire protection measures are in place throughout the construction process. 

Construction activities will take place as permitted by the county’s noise ordinance which limits construction to the hours of Monday through Friday, 7 AM until 9 PM; and on weekends and federal holidays from 9 AM until 9 PM. There may be periods that construction must occur outside of these hours. Such exceptions will be items such as utility shut downs or tie-ins and traffic signalization work. Any work outside of these hours must be approved by Fairfax County. 

Construction traffic will be accessed primarily from Route One. There is a secondary entrance from Dart Drive into the site, but would be only for personal vehicles. No construction vehicle or crew parking will be permitted on Dart Drive or in the Woodley Hills Community. 

During Phase 1 of the project, residents will be able to turn left onto Dart Drive from Poinsettia Drive to reach Route One. During Phase 2, residents will be able to turn right onto Dart Drive from Mums Drive, travel onto Arlington Drive and to Route One. 

Erosion and sediment controls, as approved by Fairfax County, will be installed prior to other work and will be maintained during earthwork operations to control stormwater runoff from the site.

The site of the Residences at North Hill is a heavily wooded site. In preparation for construction, tree clearing and grubbing of the site will commence in mid-July. The county and the general contractor take great care in properly marking the limits of clearing which must be approved by the county urban forester and site inspector before any clearing can begin. After the limits of clearing are approved, tree protection measures are placed around trees and any areas that must remain undisturbed. 
While the trees nearest to Dart Drive and Richmond Highway will be removed for construction of the site, most of the trees and green space on the 12-acre park (nearly 1/3 of the project site) will be conserved. The site will be inspected regularly by the project arborist to ensure the construction proceeds in accordance with the approved plans.
The replanting plan for the multifamily apartments will include well over 250 new trees and shrubs with additional plantings to be included along the terraced retaining wall that will be constructed. The plan far exceeds the 10-Year Tree Canopy Requirements and the Tree Preservation Targets for the project. All planting plans are in conformance with Fairfax County regulations and have been approved by the Fairfax County Urban Forester.  
10 Year Tree Canopy

  • Required: 88,472 square-feet
  • Provided: 114,179 square-feet

Tree Preservation

  • Tree preservation target: 70,778 square-feet
  • Tree preservation provided: 77,166 square-feet

    NOTE:  The actual preserved tree canopy is 308,662 square-feet.  During the site plan review process it was agreed to only count 25% of this existing canopy due to the varying condition of the existing trees to arrive at the 77,166 square-feet number quoted above and used by the county’s urban forester to calculate compliance.

This project will be following Earthcraft principles (similar to Enterprise Green Communities and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certifications). Earthcraft is a high-performance building certification program established in 1999 to address the challenging energy, water and climate conditions in the Southeast. The program provides a practical blueprint for green building and sustainable development and includes such measures as the following (all of which are incorporated into the Residences at North Hill project):

  • Using drought tolerant, native plantings
  • Responsible waste management and recycling practices used throughout construction
  • High-efficiency water heaters and light fixtures
  • Fixtures and appliances that conserve water usage
  • Low to no Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) materials
  • Multifamily apartments will be compartmentalized with air sealing and no air gaps between units
  • Continuous exterior insulation
  • HVAC are sized appropriate and includes Energy Star endorsed Energy Recovery Ventilation Systems

During the rezoning, there was a lot of discussion regarding the overhead powerlines and possibly undergrounding or providing a ductbank for the future undergrounding of the lines.  During the RZ process it was ultimately it was decided that this would not be a requirement for this affordable housing development. The Proffers (CHPPENN I, LLC; RZ 2016-MV-014; PCA 78-V-125) reflected this in the following proffer –

  • Proffer 5.  Overhead Utilities – Notwithstanding the fact that a location for future undergrounded utilities is shown on the CDP/FDP, the Applicant shall not be responsible for the undergrounding of overhead utilities along the Application Property’s Richmond Highway frontage.  At such time as the undergrounding of overhead utilities along Richmond Highway may be required, the Applicant shall grant, at no cost, any additional necessary easements for utility relocation by others.  
  • Easements along the Richmond Highway frontage were dedicated as part of the site plan approval process.  The easements included space for future underground utilities.

Pennrose will be managing the application process for the affordable rental housing.  Application are not being accepted at the present time; however, interested household/individuals can submit their contact information and express their desire to be notified when the application period opens.  This information is included on the North Hill project web page.

Furthermore, specific outreach will be provided to the Woodley Hills neighborhood in coordination with the County’s Department of Housing and Community Development.

CHPPENN is open to designating a preference for local residents for lease-up of the apartments at The Residences at North Hill.  We operate some properties with this type of preference.  We do, however, respectfully request the use of a clear/easy to verify geographic area.  For example, we have implemented preferences for residents in a specific zip code or group of zip codes.  Before we can 100% confirm our ability to implement a preference, we would need to revise our marketing and lease-up plans and submit those to Virginia Housing for approval.  We do not anticipate that will present any issues.  Please let us know if a zip-code based preference will be acceptable, and if so, which zip code(s) you would like for us to target.

It is anticipated that leasing activities will begin in the summer of 2022.

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