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Fraud Reporting

If you have observed or are aware of fraud committed within Fairfax County Government operations, or by anyone doing business with the county, please call the Fairfax County Fraud Hotline to report any allegations.  The Fraud Hotline is 703-787-3243 and calls are reviewed and followed up on by the Internal Audit Office (IAO).

The Fairfax County Fraud Policy defines fraud as "theft or intentional waste or abuse of county funds, time, or property."  The policy applies to any irregularity or suspected irregularity, involving not only employees, but also vendors, agents, volunteers, and external organizations doing business with the county.  Investigations into fraud allegations are performed by the Internal Audit Office in coordination with other agencies, as appropriate.  If there is sufficient evidence to warrant a criminal investigation, the Fairfax County Police Department will be contacted by IAO.

When calling the Fraud Hotline voice mailbox, please provide IAO with a description of the suspicious activity you are reporting, the date of the occurrence and the date that it came to your attention, along with the names of the individuals and departments/agencies/organizations involved.  While contact information is voluntary, leaving your name and a telephone number where we can reach you is often extremely beneficial in assisting us as we gather information and clarify issues involved.

Fraud Hotline: 703-787-3243

Fraud Email:

**If you are submitting a request in languages other than English, please allow added business days for responding.

Note: If you are reporting a financial crimes fraud (i.e. credit card fraud, identity theft, IRS call scams, etc.) which is unrelated to county government business, please contact the Fairfax County Police Department at 703-691-2131.  To report welfare Fraud (SNAP, TANF, Child Care Assistance and other Public Assistance Programs) contact Department of Family Services at 703-324-7564.

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