Reston Community Center Celebrates 45 Years of Bringing Community Together

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The County Conversation Podcast - Reston Community Center 45th Anniversary


The Reston Community Center (RCC) is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year. In a recent episode of the "County Conversation" podcast, Bev Cosham, chair of RCC's Board of Governors, spoke about what makes RCC so special and highlights its 45th anniversary.

"I always say that the community center is the heart of the community," said Cosham. "We touch people at all ages of their lives, and the services that we provide, go directly to them or they come directly to us."

RCC first opened its doors when Reston's population was approaching 30,000 people. Today, the community has grown to around 64,000 residents, with a workforce of 40,000. Despite this growth, RCC has remained at the heart of Reston, serving people of all ages through its diverse range of programs and services.


One of the things that sets RCC apart is its dedicated staff who truly embody a spirit of service to the community. Cosham explained, "People don't meet them as obstacles but as challenges. And as a challenge, you solve it."

The staff's positive attitude and commitment to problem-solving were particularly evident during the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges, RCC staff approached the situation as an exciting opportunity to take RCC's services on the road.

"Leila and her staff approached that as exciting. We're RCC on the road. And so, they had to move their offices and the facilities, and the building was still there, but the services still were handled," said Cosham, referring to Leila Gordon, RCC's executive director.

"I always say that the community center [RCC] is the heart of the community. We touch people at all ages of their lives." -Bev Cosham, RCC Board Chair



For its 45th anniversary year, RCC has a range of exciting programs and events lined up. One of the highlights is the launch of "RCC on Wheels," a mobile unit that will bring RCC's programs and services directly to the community.

The summer concert series is another highly anticipated event, featuring a diverse range of musical acts to cater to all tastes. RCC's Aquatics Center and the CenterStage theater also have a packed schedule of events and performances. 

To learn more about the Reston Community Center and RCC's 45th anniversary celebrations and programs, visit or email You can also call 703-476-4500 for more information.



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