Discussing the Vision of the Mason District with Supervisor Andres Jimenez

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Image of  Fairfax County Executive Bryan Hill with Mason District Supervisor Andres Jimenez.


On the March episode of the “Connect with County Leaders” Podcast, Fairfax County Executive Bryan Hill is joined by newly elected Mason District Supervisor Andres Jimenez.

They engage in a conversation about the Mason District's vision, opportunities and priorities, as well as the initiatives planned for the community. Jimenez outlines his vision for the Mason District, emphasizing engaging with constituents and understanding their needs. 

“Smart government means that we’re going out into the neighborhoods, into the different parts of Mason District,” says Jimenez. “I’ve always said, I can't do this work alone. I need partners.”



Jimenez notes that the Mason District has the potential to be the cultural hub of the county. By spotlighting local businesses, art, music and the unique culinary experiences in the area, he aims to transform it into a destination where people don’t just pass through but actively choose to visit.


At the end of the day, what we're here to do is make sure that our residents have a place to play, work, live, and make sure that they are able to have the quality of life that the deserve." Andres Jimenez, Supervisor, Mason District



Jimenez’s dedication to public safety is evident as he discusses the critical nature of ensuring the community’s safety in daily life. He stresses the importance of collaborative efforts with law enforcement and educational initiatives to address issues like opioid use.

Emphasizing his environmentalist background, Jimenez also discusses the pivotal role of local government in driving rapid progress in environmental conservation, including public spaces.

In addition, Jimenez advocates for enhanced public transportation as a means of providing accessibility for the community, underscoring its role in connecting residents with essential services, work and leisure.



Jimenez’s vision for Mason District reflects a comprehensive and inclusive approach, rooted in community collaboration, environmental stewardship and holistic progress.

“We need to make sure that our communities, and that’s every community, has the accessibility into everything...making sure that they are able to have a quality of life that they deserve.”

Image of County Executive Bryan Hill sitting at a table with Supervisor Jimenez


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