First Defenders: Ensuring Safe Buildings Before Occupancy

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The County Conversation - Building Safety Month


In recognition of Building Safety Month in May, we spoke with Jonathan Weaver, commercial inspections supervisor for the Building Division (Mechanical, Plumbing) of Land Development Services, on the May 3 episode of the “County Conversation” podcast. Weaver stressed the importance of code enforcement in ensuring building safety.

"Code enforcement is critical to ensuring that buildings are safe and comply with regulations," Weaver said. "Our job is to catch potential safety hazards early on, before buildings are occupied."

Weaver and his team are responsible for enforcing building codes related to mechanical and plumbing systems, including heating, air conditioning, ventilation and restaurant equipment. They work with commercial businesses to help them obtain necessary permits and support them throughout their projects. 

While code enforcement may be seen as a hindrance in the building industry, Weaver believes that it ultimately benefits everyone involved. 

"Code enforcement ensures a level playing field for all businesses, while also protecting the public," he noted. "It's something that is ultimately in everyone's best interest."

As we celebrate Building Safety Month, it's important to remember the critical role that code enforcement plays in ensuring the safety and security of our buildings and communities. 

If you have questions about building safety or would like to learn more about code enforcement in Fairfax County, visit, or contact the LDS Customer Experience Team at 703-222-0801.

"Our goal is to help businesses comply with the code and pass inspection. We're here to ensure that buildings are installed and build per code and are safe for occupants."



Land Development Services ensures that all development in Fairfax County meets the safety and health standards of all applicable codes such as the Virginia Uniform Statewide Building and county ordinances. As stewards of the county’s land development and building construction codes and regulations, Land Development Services facilitates the safe and sustainable building of our communities. LDS achieves service excellence by building partnerships with stakeholders to create a thriving Fairfax County.



The “County Conversation” is a podcast featuring employees and subject matter experts from the Fairfax County Government discussing programs, services and items of interest to residents of Fairfax County. Click here to listen to past episodes of "County Conversation.”

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