The Most Wonderful Time to Recycle

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It's always a wonderful time to recycle, especially during the holidays when there are usually more items to consider!

Items such as paper holiday cards, gift bags/boxes and electronics are more abundant. There may be more food scraps following large holiday dinners, as well as single-use items like red cups (not recyclable), paper plates and plastic utensils.


The guide below will help you navigate all of the opportunities to recycle this holiday season.


Holiday Items That Should Be Recycled

  • Most wrapping papers
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Paper boxes


Holiday Items That Should NOT Be Recycled

  • Strands of Christmas lights and broken Christmas tree bulbs/lights (they break machinery; bring lights to electronics recycling at the I-66 Transfer Station in Fairfax or the I-95 Complex in Lorton)
  • Tinsel (contains plastic)
  • Plastic bags, bubble wrap, Styrofoam peanuts
  • Metallic or foil wrapping paper
  • Wrapping paper that is coated or has glitter
  • Bows, ribbons and tags
  • Stockings, ugly holiday sweaters and other clothing
  • Glass (try and recycle at a purple bin if possible)



Ideas to Reduce Waste

  • Use gift bags – they can be reused several times!
  • Wrap presents in paper bags or newspaper, then place the paper in your recycling cart
  • Reuse gift boxes, then dispose of them with your recycling
  • Decorate using items such as strung popcorn and family heirloom decorations
  • If you have food scraps, they can be dropped off at the I-66 Transfer Station or the I-95 Landfill complex during operating hours, or at the Mosaic District Farmers Market on Sundays between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.


How Can I Dispose of My Live Tree After the Holidays?

Remove all decorations and place the tree at the curb. Your collector will pick it up during the first two weeks of January.

You can also self-haul it to one of our recycling facilities, either the I-66 Transfer Station on West Ox Road, or the I-95 Landfill complex on Furnace Road in Lorton until Jan. 13


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