Naming the Richmond Highway Bus Rapid Transit System

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"the one" bus examples

A major milestone has been reached in the development of the Richmond Highway Bus Rapid Transit (BRT): unveiling the brand of the system.

And the brand is -- drum roll please – The One.

Volunteers from the community joined a branding development team and worked to pare down a list of 84 names to put forward three for consideration by focus groups and the public. Community input played a critical role in the development of the brand.

The BRT system will have nine stations connecting to employment centers, shopping centers and communities along the Richmond Highway corridor, from Huntington Metrorail Station to Fort Belvoir. It will provide residents and visitors with a high-quality public transportation solution that is designed to be fast, reliable and convenient because it operates with a dedicated transitway that will include buses with easy boarding, transit signal priority and separated bicycle and pedestrian paths.

The first phase of The One is scheduled to be completed and begin service around 2030.

map of richmond highway brt system



So, what did people say when asked about The One?

  • It references the place that our buses operate, up and down Route 1, so everyone in the community can understand its location.
  • It is a fast, frequent, traffic-free way to travel along the Richmond Highway Corridor - the one way to do it.
  • Some in a youth focus group said The One brings the whole community together.






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