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Richmond Highway BRT - The One


Branding - Richmond Highway BRT is The One

On Friday, February 25, 2022, the Richmond Highway BRT was officially named when Fairfax County officials launched the brand identity, developed with input from community members and stakeholders over three years. And the name is -- The One! 

The one bus

BRT is a high-quality public transportation system designed to be fast, reliable, and more convenient than traditional bus routes. It operates much like rail service, with a dedicated transitway, but uses bus vehicles.Updated Richmond Highway BRT Map

The proposed Richmond  Highway BRT system will have nine stations, constructed in two sections, and will connect to major employment centers, shopping centers, and residential communities along the Richmond Highway corridor, from Huntington Metrorail Station to Fort Belvoir. The project will include pedestrian and bicycle facilities as well as other amenities to support the proposed system.

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Project Overview

Based on recommendations from a Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) study, Fairfax County Department of Transportation is working with residents, community stakeholders, and partner agencies to plan, design, and construct a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system for the Richmond Highway Corridor. 

The goal of the BRT system is to increase transit ridership along the corridor and ultimately lead to the future Metrorail extension to Hybla Valley. The system is planned to extend along Richmond Highway (Route 1) and North Kings Highway from Fort Belvoir to the Huntington Metrorail Station, in two sections. Section I of the project extends along North Kings Highway from the Huntington Metrorail Station to Richmond Highway, and along Richmond Highway to Gum Springs. Section II extends along Richmond Highway from Gum Springs to Fort Belvoir.

The collective approach to implementing the recommendations from the DRPT study (including land use and roadway changes, as well as the BRT system) in Fairfax County is called Embark Richmond Highway. You can learn more about Embark Richmond Highway here. You can also visit the FAQ page to find answers to common questions about the Richmond Highway BRT project and process.

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