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The Planning Land Use System (PLUS) platform has expanded to include more applications in the centralized online platform that is transforming how industry and residents conduct land use business with Fairfax County. The transition to PLUS represents a critical modernization of the county’s planning and land use infrastructure.

Whether you are a homeowner looking to add a deck or a homebuilder planning new homes, the PLUS portal is your one-stop-shop for applications. 

PLUS Release Three Updates

  • Fire and Rescue
    • Fire Prevention Code Permits: Short-term/Single-Use, Renewable (112 sub-types), Inspections not associated with a permit, Amendments, and Time Accounting
  • Planning and Development
    • Architectural Review Board, Architectural Review Board (Workshop), Additional Time to Commence Development, Minor Variation, Interpretations of Approved Zoning, Model Home Sales and Leasing Office, Farmers Market, Special Event, Seasonal Sales Commercial, Construction Site Office and Storage
  • Land Development Services
    • Household Appliances/Inspections and Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) License Renewal

PLUS is launching through a series of four major releases. Details regarding the first two releases of PLUS can be found on the PLUS Support page .

The last of the four PLUS releases is scheduled for fall 2022 and will incorporate more than 125 remaining plans, permits and transactions for the five departments. This final release will mark the full transition from the legacy systems including FIDO, ZAPS, ePlans and PAWS to the PLUS system.

The Benefits of PLUS

  • Residents and developers no longer need to learn multiple platforms to conduct business with land development agencies.
  • One account in PLUS allows users to interact across multiple county departments.
  • County staff can process applications more effectively because the same system is used by all departments involved in each application.
  • A more robust search function is available for use within the platform.

Using PLUS

Applicants who wish to use the services on the new (PLUS) platform must first register for a free account.

YouTube videos and user guides are available online.





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