Reston Data Visualization Project Expands with New Urban Parks Activity Hub

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Reston urban parks landing page


You can now access the latest information on urban parks and athletic fields associated with redevelopment in the Reston Transit Station Areas through the new Urban Parks Activity Hub. The new online hub is one of three components of the Reston Data Visualization project created by the Department of Planning and Development in coordination with the Park Authority. The Urban Parks Activity hub features information on urban parks proffered and constructed as part of redevelopment projects within the Reston Transit Station Areas since February 2014. It will be continuously updated to reflect approved zoning cases.

You can filter the park spaces by:

  • Planned facilities
  • Amenities
  • Park name
  • Status
  • Type

There are options to search for playgrounds, dog parks and more. You can also search for the park area associated with an approved zoning application.

The Reston Data Visualization project kicked off in January with the launch of the Transportation Hub, and then expanded in July with the Zoning Activity Hub. Visit the main Reston Data Visualization page  to navigate the various hubs.

For questions about the new Urban Parks Hub or the Reston Data Visualization project, contact

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