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Tapping Into Technology - Number Sense and Mathematics

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Page 6 - Number Sense and Mathematics

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At very young ages, children begin to develop number sense, including an awareness of quantity and curiosity about mathematical concepts. You can help children learn about numbers and counting, shapes and sizes, patterns, one-to-one correspondence, and many other emerging skills through the use of interactive technology.

Help children become comfortable using numbers

Use digital photography to capture objects in your child’s environment that can be counted and, therefore, associated with a number.

  • Take various photos of singular objects such as a flower, a car, a house, a favorite toy, a book, a hat, a friend, or similar objects that your child can easily identify.
  • Allow your child to develop his/her sense of how numbers work and how objects can be grouped to create larger quantities and then counted using higher cardinal numbers (1, 2, 3, 4, and more).
  • Count the number of objects in the photos you have taken. How many items are in each photo? Compare them to each other. Is there the same number of items in each photo?

Create concept photos of the child’s environment

Digital photography can be used to capture pictures of things around your home, neighborhood, or school that can represent mathematical concepts.

  • Explore shapes by asking your child to help find things in your home that have a circle shape, a square shape, a rectangle shape, or a triangle shape.
  • Explore size by asking your child to help find things that are big/large, medium/ average, or small/little. Find ways to compare the size of objects by using vocabulary such as, “Which one is larger?” and related questions.
  • Sort the photos into categories. Ask your child to identify different kinds of groups (categories) that could be made using the photos. Are there objects of the same color? Objects that have similar characteristics such as shape or size?

Explore educational software and applications

Games provide natural opportunities for children to practice mathematical skills and concepts.

  • There are many applications that allow children to practice fundamental math skills like counting and sorting through interactive gaming experiences.
  • Engage children by introducing concepts such as recognizing and building patterns. Search for apps that encourage these skills and allow children to build their own code.
  • Explore apps that compare objects and evaluate size using unconventional measurements like coins, paperclips, and blocks.

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