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kid's campingWe know that camping is an all-time favorite outdoor activity. Hanging out under the stars while spending time with your friends and family is a recipe for fun and is sure to make lasting memories. Our staff is serious about fun and we also love camping so much that we want to make your stay in our campgrounds even better! Camp and Play Bundles at Burke Lake Park and Lake Fairfax Park will resume in Summer of 2022. Now you can level up your camping experience by selecting one or more of our four new discounted bundle packages.

If you’re looking forward to an evening around the firepit at Lake Fairfax or Burke Lake, we have the Campground Essentials Bundle package that focuses on popular comfort items to make your campfire experience the best it can be. For those individuals that can’t wait to get out into the park and experience all that Burke Lake has to offer, we have a great Park Ambassador Bundle package that includes campsite, marina, amusement, Ice Cream parlor, and even Go APE! Aerial Adventure Course discounts! The park ambassador bundle package will keep you busy no matter how long you stay with us. Lastly, we have some focused packages for those campers that have a favorite activity and want to focus on a specific area of interest. Our Captain’s Choice bundle at Burke Lake and Lake Fairfax and Movers and Shakers bundle at Burke Lake focus on marina and amusement services respectively, and both also include discounts at the Burke Lake Ice Cream Parlor and ice cream at the Lake Fairfax Park office.


Bundle packages are good for up to six people per package. Boating services at Lake Fairfax Park are not available on weekdays. Burke Lake Park boating services are not available on weekdays during the fall. Please make boating reservations in advance to ensure equipment availability. Ice Cream Parlor hours are posted on the Burke Lake Park website. Lake Fairfax Park office hours (for ice cream) is posted on the Lake Fairfax Park website. Hours are subject to change based on weather or other conditions that may warrant operational changes. Please call in advance to confirm operating times and availability of services. Camp and Play passes are valid for up to seven days after your check out date.

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Burke Lake Park Location

7315 Ox Road
Fairfax Station, VA, 22039
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Map of Burke Lake Park

From Route 123 North
The park entrance is on the right. If you see the golf course then you have gone too far.
The golf course entrance will be the next right beyond the park entrance.

From Route 123 South
The golf course entrance is the first left off Ox Road (Route 123).
The park entrance is the second left off Ox Road (Route 123).

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