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The Department of Vehicle Services (DVS) provides fleet management and maintenance services to the County's and Fairfax County Public School's vehicle fleets. DVS employees work at the Government Center and at four maintenance facilities throughout the County (Alban, Jermantown, Newington, and West Ox). The facilities service and maintain approximately 6,347 vehicles, which include 1,540 school buses for FCPS.

Other services provided by DVS include: 53 fuel sites, road side emergency repair services, the vehicle replacement fund, the county motor pool of 41 vehicles, and technical support/review for all County vehicle purchases. DVS does not maintain those vehicles owned by the Water Authority, Connector Bus or FASTRAN. 


Welcome to DVS Video

Department of Vehicle Services (DVS) Director, Mark Moffatt, welcomes you and provides a behind-the-scenes look at what we do as an agency. In this short video, you can learn about the exciting work happening in Fairfax County, recognized as one of the top fleets in the country. If you are interested in employment with DVS and joining our team of ASE certified mechanics, check out this video. We are always looking for highly skilled mechanics to help keep our fleet of over 6,000 vehicles (School buses, Police, Fire and Rescue, Public Works, etc.) safe on the roads!


Method of Service Provision

County employees and contractors provide this service to customer agencies. The customer agencies deliver their vehicles to the facility, are visited at their work sites, or call for road service. Services are provided on either a scheduled or non-scheduled (emergency repair) basis. DVS mechanics perform the necessary maintenance and or repair (e.g., preventive maintenance, vehicle inspections, major work as required, accident damage) and/or DVS management coordinates repairs with a private maintenance/repair vendor or another DVS facility. In some instances the DVS mechanics respond to road calls and/or provide wrecker services for disabled vehicles. The services performed are accounted for in the Vehicle Maintenance Information System (VMS). The agency owning the vehicle is billed for the parts and services provided on a monthly basis.

DVS is committed to providing services accessible to customers with disabilities. Any accessibility issues at a DVS Maintenance Facility should be brought to the attention of the Facility Superintendent.


Service Mandated by Federal/State Law

Vehicle Service is mandated by federal and state codes. Below is a list of legal codes / regulations / citations:

Federal Code: Federal Code, Section 15 § 1391.1 requires that vehicles or motor vehicle equipment must be maintained in such a manner as to ensure a condition that protects the public against unreasonable risk of accidents.

State Code: All vehicles must have Virginia State Inspections annually by qualified DVS inspectors who are certified by the Virginia State Police. The State Code also requires that light vehicles with gasoline engines must have Emissions Inspections biennially by qualified inspectors who are certified by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. DVS' maintenance efforts consider manufacturer's warranty (compliance with manufacturers required scheduled maintenance intervals and services) as well as safety in ensuring that the vehicles remain operational in a manner that will protect the passengers and public against unreasonable risk of accidents


Environmental Stewards

The department is a member of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, Virginia Environmental Excellence Program. There are two types of participation in the program, Environmental Enterprise and Exemplary Environmental Enterprise. The Environmental Enterprise or E2 level of participation is for those organizations that are interested in beginning or are in the early stages of implementing an environmental management system. The Department of Vehicles Services has achieved the E2 level of participation. To learn more about this important program visit www.deq.virginia.gov/Programs/PollutionPrevention/VirginiaEnvironmentalExcellenceProgram.aspx.

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