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Mark Moffatt

Mission and Vision


To provide efficient and effective delivery of vehicle fleet management services by providing safe, reliable, economical and environmentally sound transportation and related services, that are responsive to the needs of our customers and which preserve the value of the vehicle and equipment investment. Through this mission, we practice sound environmental stewardship and management of county assets and resources; and we provide a key capability to our customer agencies, who deliver or support direct public services, to maintain safe and caring communities.



As members of the Department of Vehicle Services we are fully committed to supporting and aiding in the implementation of all elements of the county's Vision Statement. In a team effort, we will also strive continuously to improve fleet management services support to all county customers and to ensure that vehicles and equipment are efficiently maintained in a safe operational condition in accordance with all federal, state and county safety and environmental policies, procedures and regulations.

We will employ the best management practices and provide cost effective and timely services when supporting customer needs and requirements.

We will contribute to cleaner air and water and to conservation of the county's natural environment.

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