Department of Public Safety Communications

CONTACT INFORMATION: FOR EMERGENCIES CALL 9-1-1! (From outside of Fairfax County call 703-691-2233) or To Report a Non-Emergency Incident Call 703-691-2131.
703-691-2131 TTY 711 (See Contacts Page for Administrative Listings)
4890 Alliance Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030
Scott Brillman

DPSC Compliments & Complaints



The Fairfax County Department of Public Safety Communications is committed to providing a professional level of public safety service. If you would like to recognize an employee for a positive interaction, you are encouraged to submit the  commendation below. Our employees greatly appreciate positive feedback from the community we serve.


There are instances when individuals feel their public safety experience did not meet expected standards. We encourage individuals who experience this level of service to submit a formal complaint. It is our policy to investigate all complaints or allegations of misconduct.


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